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Oil-Rich Alaska Struggles to Produce Engineers

By Jon Marcus | Published: November 5, 2013

The 4,200 residents of Barrow, Alaska, cheerfully call it “the top of the world.” But it takes a very special type of person to live there. The northernmost city in the United States, coastal Barrow is a windswept place where the temperature rises above freezing only 120 days a year. Polar night lasts from mid November until late January, inspiring …

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Manufacturing of the Future: 3 Keys to Success

By Andres Rosello | Published: November 8, 2013

Earlier this year Oxford Economics released a study on Manufacturing Transformation, which takes a look at how manufacturing will change over the next decade and beyond, and how businesses must transform in order to keep up with these new trends. The study finds that successful transformation is grounded by three broad themes: Rethinking strategy and planning The service imperative Innovation …

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Smart Bikes Make It Easy to Get Around in the City

By Ann-Charlotte Ewerhard | Published: November 7, 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark is home to the world’s busiest biking paths. Approximately 40,000 cyclists ride on them every day. Biking is ingrained into the Danish culture, and fifty percent of Copenhagen’s inhabitants already commute by bike. Yet despite this strong momentum toward greener travel, it’s been challenging to get diehard car dwellers to trade in their four wheels for two. Why? …

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Can Service Parts Drive Your Top-Line Growth?

By Aly Pinder | Published: November 6, 2013

When your organization thinks about driving more revenue, what comes to mind first? Maybe you think about having field techs sell additional services while they are on a customer site. Or maybe it’s creating incentive programs for contact-center agents to upsell a customer before a call is closed. These are just two great opportunities to unearth new revenue streams for …

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Strategizing for Success: Why Service Should Be More than an Afterthought

By Beth Ambaruch | Published: October 29, 2013

This blog series addresses why service is a growth engine for manufacturers and what steps need to be taken to transform the way products are created and serviced. In our first post we looked into how and why manufacturers can and should use service. This week we’ll discuss the importance of a service strategy to the broader organization. Why has …

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