Our Automotive practice supports our engineering clients on their virtual product & process engineering activities for the development program of a vehicle in various stages from benchmarking, concept evaluation & validation, design development & optimization using components, sub-systems & full vehicle virtual prototypes.

We have worked with various engineering departments of reputable clients supporting them on activities such as:

  • Vehicle Engineering inclusive of vehicle assembly & digital modeling
  • Body Engineering
  • Power train and Driveline engineerings
  • Chassis Engineering
  • Interiors and Trim development

We are proud to be the engineering partners to various International OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers for their niche design analysis. We have collaborated on various projects such as full vehicle assembly for new vehicle launch program while also providing the client's core design team with several valuable pointers toward structure-weight optimization strategies which is usually performed in the later stages of the vehicle design cycle.

Modelcam Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has set-up world class infrastructure including high performance computational nodes, workstations, utilizing software tools to cater to the customer requirements in the automotive segment.

Our offerings in CAD include:

  • Development of design on Multi-CAD platforms
  • Re-Engineering / Reverse Engineering solutions
  • Migration of data across various CAD platforms
  • Optimization of structures for cost, weight & investments for complex product and process design
  • Design calculations for impact force analysis, linkage analysis etc.

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Design Automation

Design Process Automation / Engineering Configurations / CAD Customization / CAD Interfaces Design Automation / Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) application development.

  • Modelcam Technologies Pvt. Ltd. specializes in developing customized Design Automation and KBE applications meeting specific client needs across various engineering segments.
  • We leverage our understanding of the needs of engineering companies, knowledge of engineering processes, and expertise in software development to design these solutions that help our clients improve their engineering efficiencies and provide a significant competitive advantage.
  • We assist in developement of products & execute projects with improving quality and at optimal cost.
  • We help them reduce the manual aspect of the design process & related errors and capture organizational knowledge of proprietary processes for future use.
  • We work with engineering organizations to identify stages across the engineering product / project life-cycle that are most suitable for automation and utilize the most appropriate technology & software architecture based on the client’s current & future needs.
  • We support clients in adopting new engineering platforms & maximizing returns on technology investments in their organizations by leveraging our technology expertise, our knowledge of best practices, and experience of delivering successfully on various Design Automation and Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) applications.

Design Automation applications are developed as add-ons over CAD platforms. Repetitive tasks that require rule-based decision making are ideal candidates for automation. These applications intelligently extract data, apply rules, make decisions and perform operations automatically. The knowledge base of product design comprises of elements like rules, tables, equations, etc. which are captured to create templates of new and variant designs. Design automation knits product design closely with manufacturing, support, finance, procurement & sales functions.

Based on our client needs & requirements, we support them in:

  • Custom Engineering Configuration
  • Knowledge Based Engineering
  • Custom Applications
  • Platform customization
  • Creation of libraries
  • Legacy maintenance / sustenance
  • Integration with engineering & business systems

*All projects executed at Customer end; Due to Non Disclosure Agreement the one's shown are with consent. Images are subject to copyright.

Construction Equipment

To grow market share in today’s competitive automotive industry, companies need to bring innovative new products to market while reducing product development cycles and costs. Market leaders are focusing on ways to further differentiate their brands, exceed quality requirements and drive process efficiencies that will improve profit margins.

Key Challenges

Pressure to stay ahead of innovative new designs being introduced by competitors while maintaining superior quality >

Shifting design responsibility to suppliers increases the level of complexity in the exchange of product design information, creating more room for error

Reducing product development lead times increases pressure on design, materials, procurement, and manufacturing to quickly incorporate complex customer changes

Ways to Overcome Challenges

Identify opportunities to reduce design errors, integration, and testing times for vehicles by incorporating simulation design practices

Capture and reuse components, processes and past knowledge to accelerate time to market

Extend PLM system access to design partners, suppliers, dealers, and service providers around the globe

Improve product quality by applying consistent design and manufacturing processes

Manage historical supplier cost and performance data to make cost-effective sourcing decisions while reducing risk.

Optimize global manufacturing operations and capacity

How We Can Help

Implement concurrent engineering processes to accelerate design cycles

Synchronize product planning and communication across all design and manufacturing partners by creating a single product record

Implement advanced quality management programs such as APQP and PPAP using PLM technologies to ensure consistency of design and manufacturing processes

Bridge gaps in the design processes and product manufacturability by integrating PLM system data and processes with other enterprise systems

Establishing "design-in-context" processes to integrate CAD data from disparate CAD applications, facilitating better design integrations and collaboration within the extended value chain.

*All projects executed at Customer end; Due to Non Disclosure Agreement the one's shown are with consent. Images are subject to copyright.

Off Highway

Modelcam Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the leader in mobile equipment solutions. Our experienced team has the talent to design, select components, integrate an equipment design and prepare manufacturing designs of mobile equipment for various clients.

Our capabilities include:-

  • Layout preparation
  • Part drawings preparation
  • Drive line layouts
  • Integration of various subsystems
  • FEA for ROPS & FOPS
  • Hydraulic system selection
  • Plumbing diagrams
  • Wire harness diagrams
  • Preparation of parts catalogues and tech doc services


Modelcam Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers mechanical engineering design solutions to customers that enable them to reduce turnaround time from design to manufacturing. Processes with clear metrics are drawn to meet customer’s expectations in terms of cost, delivery and quality

Modelcam Technologies Pvt. Ltd. CAD Service offerings range from conceptual to manufacturing designs for industry segments such as:-

  • Automotive
  • Light and Heavy Engineering
  • Industrial Machinery appliances
  • Food Equipment
  • Industrial Piping
  • HVAC
  • Material Handling
  • Electrical engineering
  • PLC programming

Well defined Value chain systems of Modelcam Technologies Pvt. Ltd. employ value activities that would enable in:

  • Building trust
  • HVAC
  • Skill escalation
  • Building capacity
  • Quality attributes

*All projects executed at Customer end; Due to Non Disclosure Agreement the one's shown are with consent. Images are subject to copyright.

Industrial Equipment

Services Profile

Owing to the backing of dedicated team and infrastructure, we are capable of executing design and engineering jobs of material handling and process plant equipment with efficiency. We are instrumental in offering services pertaining to Design & Engineering, Procurement & Outsourcing, Project Management, System Design, and individual equipments design such as Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, AEM and special purpose machines. We design, Prepare layout and elevations with construction drawings for process systems consisting of process machinery and material handling equipments.

Our system selection services include:

  • Project Implementation Planning
  • Solutions Architecture Consulting
  • System Architecture and Integration Consulting
  • System Configuration and Customization
  • Maintenance, Upgrades and Expansion

Clients for the following features:

  • Precision in Construction
  • Practical and Workable Designs
  • Layout and Elevations with Consideration to Space Constraints
  • Execution According to the Plan

Application Areas

Our design and engineering jobs of material handling and process plant and equipment are widely used in the following:

  • Aggregate / Sand and Gravel for Crushing plants
  • Cement Industry
  • Cogeneration System (Fuel Handling)
  • Mining, Steel Industry (Coal, Coke and Iron Ore handling)
  • Waste Handling and Ash Removal Systems
  • Bio Mass Handling Systems


Our design and engineering jobs of material handling and process plant and equipment are carried out in our modern infrastructure unit. Our infrastructure is setup over a vast area of 1200 square feet and is equipped with technology based machines that help us in executing the lay outing and designing processes in a streamlined manner. For fabricating the plants and equipment as per the requirements of our clients, we have installed the following machines at our unit:

  • Cutting Machines
  • Drilling Machines
  • Milling Machines
  • CNC Lathe Machines
  • Special Purpose Machines

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Modelcam Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers a range of Industrial Special Purpose Machinery and products that are designed and developed in-house or are manufactured in partnership with top approved vendors nearby Pune and Chakan.

Capacity for continuous innovative design coupled with keen perception of customer needs which is required to maximize production efficiency and simultaneously reducing operating cost.

A wide range of material handling, packaging, transporting machineries with new ideas of design developed.

Main Assets

The support of High-end CAD products for designing special purpose machines where we optimize mainly the structural designs and with the additional support to reduce initial investment cost.

Design Engineering

  • Design engineering services are an integral part of our core business.
  • Engineering design focuses on in-house product development and test facilities.
  • While the services we provide are focused on satisfying our customers' needs.

These design engineering services include:

  • Product development support, product conformance inspection, reverse/re-engineering, service life extension determination, and product improvement.
  • Our design engineering staff has the skill to design and develop new products to meet a customer's needs as well as designing test facilities and test fixtures to facilitate customer product testing in the environment it was intended to operate in.

*All projects executed at Customer end; Due to Non Disclosure Agreement the one's shown are with consent. Images are subject to copyright.