Computational Fluid Dynamics Comes to Creo 5

Posted By: Cat McClintock

Earlier this week, PTC's Paul Sagar provided a sneak peek into Creo 5 at a webinar for Design World.

The session focused on How CAD works with emerging technologies like Augmented Reality and Additive Manufacturing." We highly recommend the session for anybody in the business of product development in 2018. And while AR and 3D printing grabbed the headlines, anybody who stuck around to the end also got a glimpse at some of the new features coming in Creo 5.0 in March.

Including the new computational fluid dynamics capabilities. Here's what Paul had to say:

In Creo 5.0, we're introducing computational fluid dynamics. For many, many years, we've had simulation tools inside Creo for doing structural and thermal analysis. But we've never had a direct offering for doing fluid flow analysis.

Now working with our partners at Simerics, we have the ability inside Creo to take your model, understand the volume of flow inside your model. Apply your loads and constraints and evaluate the fluid flow going through your product. This Enables you to understand the whole design process and the impact of your design from a thermal or flow characteristic.

Take a closer look by watching the brief demo on the prerecorded webinar.

Courtesy- PTC blogs