Creo Makes it Easier to Work in Multi-CAD

Posted By: Geoff Hedges

One of the big game changers in Creo 3.0 was the new multi-CAD functionality. Called “Unite,” this breakthrough technology tackles the challenge of working in an environment where not everybody has the same CAD system.

While Creo has worked toward better multi-CAD performance for years, this release amplified the vision of a world where engineers no longer find themselves locked into a single file format. Now, there are no intermediate translation steps and no fixing and repairing models. Best of all, you’ll have fewer reasons than ever to recreate parts from scratch.

Creo Parametric with Unite helps manufacturers collaborate more effectively across teams and drive the consolidation of CAD systems.

Here are some of the ways you benefit with Creo Parametric 3.0 when you work with multiple CAD files:

You can learn more about Unite technology in our free eBook, Designing in a Multi-CAD Environment. This eBook looks at the problems designers face when they work with CAD data from multiple systems. It explores the problems engineers encounter when they exchange and translate designs between 3D CAD software packages. It then gives insight into recent advances that address these problems and how these advances help engineers and their collaborative partners involved in the product development cycle. Download your free copy today.

Blog Courtesy: PTC Blog